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Why Choose Grenaco
GRENACO NIG LTD was established January 1993, as a Multi-disciplinary firm established to promote high professionalism in building industry.

The vision to establish this was borne out of the need for effective and high professionalism in carrying out projects in the building industry as well as the need for Nigeria firms to be able to match with our foreign counterparts in terms of technology.

Nigeria has come a long way and there is need for self-reliance and dependable professionals when looking inward.


Architectural (inclination) & Modelling Services...

The section deals with all Architectural and Architectural related services which includes.

  • Feasibility Studies
    • Carrying out feasibility studies of project to be executed to ascertain its viability.
    • Appraisal of its relationship to the location in terms of success of failure.
    • In collaboration with surveyors to make sue land project is properly secured.
  • Architectural Modeling/Architectural Declination

    Involves preparation of a miniature projects or three-dimensional drawing of the projects at hand where the clients (s) can appreciate the aesthetical value (beauty) of the project.

    • This could also be used to explain where there is complexity in the project e.g. Roofing System etc.
    • Firm Transfigurations and appreciation.
    • It could mean a way of the client selling his mind to the public or his financier through organized launching
    • Where such models or perspective is displayed on for keeps.
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